Top 3 Holiday Gifts for the Zero Waste Kitchen

Zero-waste gifts from Abeego Beeswax Wraps


As the holidays approach, our community is hungrier than ever to reignite wholehearted connections as they search for sustainable ways to celebrate. While gifting can feel at odds with sustainability efforts, we’re wired to give. 

To show those we love how much they’re appreciated, we want to give them something that will in turn be appreciated. We like to think of this in terms of giving something that adds value and purpose, not clutter.

 It’s in this spirit that we created our Top 3 Sustainable Gifts for a Wholehearted Food Lover to help you simplify the season. Forget endless clutter and the next best thing. These beloved gifts below have stood the test of time.



Gifts from the heart start in the hand! And if you have a garden, it’s the perfect way to share your harvest. Preserve your bounty in the summer and fall and your gifting is done come winter. 

Handmade Zero Waste Gifts | Sustainable Giving with Abeego Beeswax Wraps

We love the idea of making something root to stem to spark the waste-free kitchen conversation in a subtle and delicious way, such as our Carrot Stem Pesto or Preserved Lemons from the Zero Waste Chef


Better with Abeego Tip:
Gift your edibles with a recipe card or serving suggestions. For a bigger gift, bundle a variety of preserves and useful foods like Jacobsen Salt Co. in a basket or reusable tote. Bigger still? Gift with a cooking class or all the ingredients to make their own preserves. Don’t forget to include Abeego!



Who needs another avocado slicer or banana carrier? Say no to single-purpose gadgets that only end up as clutter at the back of the kitchen drawer (you know the one). What a foodie really wants is that one-time-only purchase that’s enjoyed for the rest of their days. A quality apron from Hedley and Bennett will be the only apron they will ever need.

If  ‘go big or go home’ is your style, gift an enameled cast iron Dutch oven. It’s not unusual to spend hundreds of dollars for this heirloom investment. More affordable, well designed and good quality pots can be sourced from Great Jones with options for engraving! We love The Duchess in our Abeego kitchen. Or look for second-hand hand-me-downs, for ultimate sustainable gifting.

Visit Christmas craft markets and support local makers, from pottery to earrings to beard oil, like our very own Annual Makers Market. It feels amazing to buy direct from the maker.

Gifts with Purpose for a Zero Waste Kitchen | Aprons, Dutch oven, Maker direct purchases | Abeego Beeswax Wraps

Clockwise: Hedley and Bennett Apron, Great Jones Dutchess Dutch Oven with @mollyyeh, Abeego Makers Market

Better with Abeego tip:
Give purpose, not clutter. Unused items end up as waste. While higher end items last a lifetime there are many lower priced products that are functional, such as your friendly neighborhood Abeego. For under $20 give something that will get used and returns to nature at the end of its life.For special gifts, the Champion Kit has all the sizes at the best value.



Gift cards are great when you don’t know what to give someone but what about the person who doesn’t want anything? Give them an experience that leaves only memories such as cooking classes and culinary walking tours. We love Sunday Suppers for their shared meals in homes across the country to celebrate the traditions of local food and gatherings. 

Better with Abeego Tip:
Instead of gifting in an envelope that adds clutter, pop tickets or certificates into a pack of Abeego because every foodie loves Abeego.




Purchasing Power
Your purchasing dollar has direct impact to the world we’re building. Your money provides support, so it makes sense to question what you’re supporting! When something seems more expensive, wonder how the other can afford to cost so little?

Shared Meal with Abeego Beeswax Wraps | Zero Waste Kitchen Gift Guide

Bring Your Best to the Table
At Abeego, our Keep Food Alive manifesto is the driving force behind everything we do. When it comes to the holidays, our manifesto reminds us to simplify, stay grounded in nature, and care and connect openly. 

We don’t bring perfection to the table; we bring our best to the table and make things better. We see you and thank you for including us in your journey. Welcome to our table.


give sustainably & Shop Abeego.



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