What's So Great About Great Jones?

Abeego partners with Great Jones | beeswax wraps


This month we're excited to partner with Great Jones, who is giving away Abeego beeswax wraps, among other wonderful treats, with every purchase of their Dutch oven, The Dutchess.


We love that Great Jones is adding value to a purchase instead of a discount. Marketers have trained society to hunt for bargains. The result is a home full of goods we don't value. 

In contrast, adding value increases the value of something already sure to be treasured without tampering with the perception of value. 

And valued they should be! Great Jones offers a selection of high quality pots and pans and at a much lower cost than some of their high-end counterparts by selling direct to consumer. This is by design in order to provide accessible quality pots and pans, whether you're making yourself a grilled cheese sandwich or Julia Child’s Beef Bourguignon for a crowd.

Speaking of design, Great Jones worked with Momofuku's David Chang and Sqirl's Jessica Koslow to develop intentional custom-built cookware. Did we mention they're beautiful? As Vogue puts it, these are pots and pans you won't want to put away!

Great Jones is shaking up the cookware industry with cookware that (like Abeego, if we do say so ourselves) looks good, feels good, and fosters a deeper relationship with food. It's logical and inspirational.

“It’s about color, warmth, and a nod to the nostalgia of cooking,” says Great Jones co-founder Sierra Tishgart in Fast Company. “We wanted to create something that would connect you to different generations in your family, while of course having a modern design.”


Great Jones is run by two female powerhouses who are lifelong friends and first time entrepreneurs. Sierra Tishgart is a James Beard award-winning writer and former New York Magazine food editor. Maddy Moelis comes from the startup world with names like Warby Parker and Zola under her belt. 

A couple of millenials, they have many more years to hone and expand their greatness. Indeed it is both their experience and their youth that fuels a brand targeted to the some 60% millenial market share of first-time home buyers who are outfitting their kitchens. 

“I saw how big a business cookware is, but I also saw how hard it was for the big, classic cookware brands to reach a millennial audience,” says Moelis. 

A brand that ties together modern function, nostalgic design, and an Instagram-worthy aesthetic was born!


Great Jones Founders, Sierra Tishgart and Maddy Moelis | Abeego Beeswax Wraps


Our own founder, Toni Desrosiers has a deep affinity for Great Jones who started Abeego herself around the same age as Great Jones’ founders. “Knowing what I know about getting a business off the ground, what these women are doing is remarkable! What I love most about Great Jones is their wholehearted commitment to encapsulate the experience of cooking through the functional and inspirational design of their cookware, something dear to my own heart with Abeego.”




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