The Washington Post WINS with Abeego! 

As the world begins to move away from single-use plastics, Abeego has been getting more attention in the press. The Washington Post recently featured Abeego’s breathable beeswax products in the article, How to Cut Down on Single-Use Plastics at Home, by Elizabeth Mayhew.

In the article, Diana Cohen, co-founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition says, “We need to do things the way our grandparents and great-grandparents did, like store leftovers in a ceramic bowl and then use a saucer or plate to cover it when you put it in the fridge.” Another option for leftovers, Cohen says, “is to cover them in reusable beeswax-coated cotton cloths, such as the ones from Abeego.



Not only is this new movement towards a plastic-less world a WIN for the planet, but it is also a WIN for our kitchens.

The brilliance of Abeego beeswax food wrap is that it’s more logical than airtight plastic. It breathes. Food breathes. Think of peels, rinds, and skins–they all have pores, they all breathe! Why not protect our food the way nature does? 

This is the idea that drove our founder, Toni Desrosiers, to create a food wrap that protects and breathes the same way a peel, rind or skin would, to Keep Food Alive–longer than ever! 



In the past, we’ve been taught to lock and seal in freshness. We've discovered that produce doesn't thrive in airtight packaging. When food is fully sealed, it is unable to breathe and will rot.

North Americans waste billions of dollars each year on food waste that is tossed into the compost because of improper storage. It’s becoming more apparent food waste and plastic waste go hand-in-hand. When food is improperly stored in airtight plastic, food is easily wasted, adding up to both food and plastic waste.

In the article, Cohen says she uses Abeego on the daily to cut down on single-use plastics at home and to Keep Food Alive for longer. “I wrap cheeses in them, use them to wrap up half an avocado, or lay them over the tops of baking dishes or bowls.” Cohen says.



It’s clear that change is happening as more and more people become inspired to rekindle their relationship with nature. We are nature, let’s protect it–let’s protect us.

We need to shift our thinking to reusable over disposable. It’s pretty clear we can do that.” Cohen says.

Abeego is pioneering the way we prolong the life of our food and doing good for our planet in the process. Completely reusable, washable, and made only of the most natural ingredients, Abeego is a food wrap you can feel good about.


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